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New Classics

ARSIS is proud to be included in New Classics which features CDs and DVDs from music publishers all over the world as well as reviews, books, and much more. A wide-ranging and thought-provoking; definitely worth a look.


ARSIS now features SACD

"SACD" is here - but what is "SACD"?

ARSIS Super Audio Compact Discs ("SACD") deliver very high quality sound while still being backward compatible with older CD playing equipment.

Here is how it works: There are two layers on the disc (which is a DVD disc). One layer is the familiar CD layer which will play in stereo on all regular CD players. The second layer contains two areas. One contains the SACD stereo version. The other contains the SACD version for either four-, five-, or six-channel ("5.1") surround sound. The CD layer contains the familiar digital sound in 16-bit word lengths sampled at 44,100 times per second. The SACD layer contains digital sound in 1-bit word lengths sampled at just over 262,000 times per second; very high resolution sound.

An apt analogy for the comparative improvement in sound quality between CD and SACD is the difference between VHS-TV and HD-TV. One sees a dramatic difference between old TV sets and new HD sets. The same kind of dramatic improvement can be heard with SACD, especially when auditioning in surround sound. Many who have heard the two side by side say they cannot easily suffer going back to CD!

All one needs to play SACD is an SACD player. There are many on the consumer market. Some are dedicated to SACD alone, others play various combinations of SACD and DVD. Others are so-called "universal players" which play SACD, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, DVD-R and DVD+RW, CD, and CD-mp3. Universal players are now appearing on the street in the $100 to $150 range. Of course, the player will also need amplifiers and speakers, two for stereo, four for SACD/DVD quad, five (or five plus low frequency, known as "5.1") for SACD/DVD surround. Amplifier, speakers, universal player, and TV constitute "home theater" for sound and picture.




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