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CD139   Lamentation & Exultation



Lamentation & Exultation

Works for a cappella chorus

Rockefeller Chapel Choir
University of Chicago
Randi Von Ellefson, Director

  • Complete texts and translations
  • 67'24" total playing time

CD139    $15.95

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This recording represents a brief glimpse of choral music that celebrates the human response to God, both in sorrow and in joy. We desire music that can lift us up, help us to reflect on the great stories found in the Bible and touch the innermost parts f our soul and spirit. The timeless expressions of sorrow found in the sighing and weeping over a people held in captivity and David's cry of grief after hearing Absalom was slain, the steadfastness found in the psalms and the ecstatic joy of resurrection help our mind and emotions to grow.

Compassion, love, understanding and selfless concern come from experiencing emotions that transcend particular cultures and specific religions. We come together as hopeful people as we sing and hear music that surpasses traditional boundaries.

--Randi von Ellefson

Jean Berger
The Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee
G.P. da Palestrina
De Lamentatione Jeremiae Prophtæ, Sabato Sancto, Lectio I
Felice Anerio
Christus Factus Est
William Billings
Easter Anthem
Bern Herbolsheimer
David Mourns for Absalom
Stanley M. Hoffman

Psalm 23
Psalm 121

Robert Starer
Give Thanks Unto the Lord
Alberto Ginastera
Daniel Pinkham
Passion Music
Here Repose, O Broken Body


Listen Listen:

No. I. “O vos omnes” from Lamentations by Ginastera