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CD178 Grand Theft and Other Felonies

Music by Su Lian Tan, Peter Hamlin, Mary Montgomery Koppel, Matthew LaRocca, John McDonald

Performed by
Su Lian Tan
Peter Hamlin
John McDonald
Carol Wincenc
The Juvenatas Ensemble
Evan Bennett, conductor

  • 12-page insert with bios
  • 53'22" total playing time

CD178      $15.95

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1. Grand Theft Flauto (2008) by Peter Hamilin
    Performed by Su Lian Tan & Peter Hamlin
2. Horizons (2008) by Mary Montgomery Koppel
3. Down At The Crossroads (2008) by Matthew LaRocca
4. Brief Lyric (No.1 from Three Compositions for Flute & Piano, Op.247 (2008) by John McDonald
5. Flute at the Bottom (No.1 from Four Compositions for Flute & Piano, Op.440) (2008) by John McDonald
6.  Nine-Color Night, Op.440, No.3 (2008) by John McDonald
    Performed by Su Lian Tan & John McDonald
7. Autumn Lute-Song (1995) by Su Lian Tan
    Performed by Carol Wincenc & The Juventas Ensemble, Evan Bennett, conductor