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CD182 Everyone Sang: Vocal Music of David Conte  

CD182      $24.95

  • two-disc set
  • 12-page insert
  • 1 hr 47 min total playing time

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This two-disc set includes recordings of David Conte’s most recent vocal composition offerings from collections “American Death Ballads;” “Three Poems of Christina Rossetti;” “Love Songs;” “Everyone Sang;” “Lincoln;” “Sexton Songs;” and “Requiem Songs.” The album includes program notes by the composer.
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Disc 1

American Death Ballads
Brian Thorsett, Tenor | John Churchwell, Piano
1. I. Wicked Polly
2. II. The Unquiet Grave
3. III. The Dying Californian
4. IV. Captain Kidd

Three Poems of Christina Rossetti
Kindra Scharich, Mezzo-Soprano | Kevin Korth, Piano
5. I. Rest
6. II. Echo
7. III. A Hope Carol

Love Songs
Brian Thorsett, Tenor | Emil Miland, Cello | John Churchwell, Piano
8. I. Levis Exurgit Zephirus
9. II. D’Anne qui me jetta de la neige
10. III. The Moment

Everyone Sang
Matt Boehler, Bass | Kevin Korth, Piano
11. I. Homecoming
12. II. Entrance
13. III. Quilt
14. IV. Everyone San

Disc 2

1. Lincoln
A. J. Glueckert, Tenor | James Moore, English Horn | Scott Macomber, Trumpet
San Francisco Conservatory String Orchestra, Marika Kuzma, Conductor

Sexton Songs
Marnie Breckenridge, Soprano
San Francisco Conservatory New Music Ensemble, Nicole Paiement, Conductor

2. I. Rowing
3. II. Her Kind
4. III. Ringing the Bells
5. IV. Riding the Elevator into the Sky
6. V. Us

Requiem Songs
Ann Moss, Soprano | Kay Stern, Violin | Douglas Rioth, Harp
San Francisco Conservatory String Orchestra, Eric Dudley, Conductor

7. I. Exaudi
8. II. Dies Irae
9. III. In Paradisum